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something madness like... something madness like...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the best 2009 animators

I never believed that 2009 would get such and amazing animator. Last time I saw this great of an animator was in 2007. CAN I PLZ MEET AND FUCK U!!!!!!!

Hank66 responds:

thx.......tonight? :]

MeetNFuck Office Romance MeetNFuck Office Romance

Rated 5 / 5 stars



Meet'N'Fuck: The Plumber Meet'N'Fuck: The Plumber

Rated 5 / 5 stars

soooo hot!!!!!!!!!

made me cum now my girlfriend has cum tu suck on!!!!!!!!!

Madness Scene Party Madness Scene Party

Rated 0 / 5 stars


I have had enough of these things, there's probably over 50 of them by now. And these take almost no effort, I mean:
1.Get sprites
2.Drag&drop code

Seriously, stop with these damn unoriginal, effortless, boring pieces of crap called "Scene Creators". >:(

(Yeah, I apologize for the harsh review, it's just hard to keep a straight face towards certain things, you know?)

Anyways, I wish you some luck on other projects. :)

Platform Racing Platform Racing

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You really need to tweak up the XML or whatever

This ban problem is getting out of control. There are reviews, there are people in the game saying they are banned so what such. Luckily I only got banned from Derron, so I can still play.

You really need to fix up the AS, XML, and anything else and stop this banning problem.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the best musical games around

Quite a nice game, the graphics are very good, the backgrounds and such are very top-notch qualaity, the the enemies are alos very nice. It was well synced(sp) if anything, I'm amazed at how well the timing is, I was able to place myself at the bottom of the highscores. :)

Though I have one question, if you fly past the deafault enemies, the little square ones, really quickly, you don't take damage. Is that supposed to happen?

I liekteh idea of having to be in certain area's on screen to add on to your score. I'll be damned if this doesn't win something here. Good job, and I wish you luck on any of your future games.

P.S. Sorry about spelling errors, my secondary computer has some weird typing problem that stops me from editing errors.

Stick Arena (NG) Stick Arena (NG)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Game is very good, but flash?!

Yes, I am a addict to this game, but the real thing that keeps me in awe about this is the fact that it was made in flash. It's very hard to believe, what would even be better if this was all made in flash ( besides the programs used to create the servers and databases and etc.)

Note: Well, I don't know if it's the best idea to tell you or not, but Xgen is currently making an expansion of Stick Arena called " Ballistick".

It features six new weapons, raising the amount to twelve, and they have new maps, which are out of this world ( pun intended)

They also feature a currency system where you earn "street cred", which allows you to unlock features in the expansion, you can also earn real cash form the street cred. You also have new rings in which you can upgrade to, the things around the bottom of the players.

Check the site for a trailer, but don't keep your hopes up just yet, there is no release date yet, but hopefully, it is coming out somewhere within these six months of '07.

I wish you luck with Ballistick, SRPG ( you should be lucky no one is anticipating it, that's actually good :)) and anything else you shall be making.

Platformer Engine Platformer Engine

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Posted in your youth

I see that most of your work is incomplete, but for a reason, to reflect upon your childhood and youth. We love games and movies, but unfinished ones are sort of like having prune juice with a potato(?), they just don't work well together. I believe, if you are intersested in your work, and love to reflect upon your youth, that you should post this stuff in the forums. A little explaination, like a autobiography about your work, might better suit it. Maybe you can find a forum, one with a section, to talk about things, you could explain your movies, games, with an internet community. I would proudly listen to any adresses, speeches you make, for you are, might I say, an intersesting person. Along with my review on this game:

Graphics: Sub-Par, but still, for making this in your childhood is a accomplishment.

Style: A turning piont in a clock look. It might possibly be a hit if it was able to make it to the Clock Crew site.

Sound: None, but most other thing make up for this loss.

Violence: None, but, this is made up by graphics and Style.

Interactivity: Yes, this is a game, so yes, interactivity.

Humor: I do not see anything that would have made somone laugh, how I throw in a joke? So a blind guy was walking home from the hospital after getting a checkup. On his way back, he walked into a bar. Why did he walk into the bar? because he was blind. Huwar Huwar!
Overall: A 5. The lack of Sound, Violence ( enemies, punching, ect.), and humor took the points down gravely. The style, and graphics (some of them) made up for the point loss, though the yellow spots could be better, and there could be a BG thrown in, and a bigger terrain to move upon, scrolling is not hard, when you have internet resources. If you ever get the time to read this, please try to do what you can, while you're alive. I'd say aim upon something that helps you reflect upon childhood, or a movie that gives a message to people, to never forget a childhood, for it is, and always shall be, the most important memories, of life.

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Create your own Madness! Create your own Madness!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's good

But the feet are gone. Also make a bug view screen along with more variations of heads, and diretions. Make it so the head are far left, left, front, back, far right, right. Make feet facing left and right. Make bodies facing front, left, far left, back, far right, right.
Make a bigger library of items, more wepons. Make feet, weapons, and hands facing left and right. Also, add a madenss style view space.
Do that, and it would be good.

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A Madness Tutorial A Madness Tutorial

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice job

I must say nice job, but the door part confused me. Do you just select the doors and group them? or do you make them one by one then group them? Also, I don't understand the put it under the BG layer at all. PM or something to better explain them to me, or make a small video showing what to do.Now the review:

Good job! Graphics, ok, but if you want to make a tutorial, at least use your own characters and show how to draw them instead of using sprites. Style, Kai style, that's it, it's all Kai style. Sound, thank god for the .zip file, you just saved me 10 mintues looking on google for a sound pack,^^. Voilence, well, you should add a part on how to draw your own wounds, or how to animate blood shooting out of the wounds, Madness just isn't Madness without blood. Try to add that in.Interactivity, play button forward button, screamer thing button(grr...)and other stuff. Humor yeah, not that much, even if there is humor, it isn't very humorous. Overall, good flash/tutorial/free for all sprite grab game/movie thing. Just fix up the things I pointed out, and you should be good to go! Good luck on any future flash, or Madness tributes, you really know how to use that stuff, so put your skills to the stage!
P.S.:Why did we need a V-Cam? There was no part for the use of it, so I think that was just random, don't put something in unless you have a part on how to do it(that also goes for the screamer).

Seig3 responds:

i like useing the v-cam that's