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kickin' rad

Crazymonkey154 responds:



No, they aren't diverse. Look, I'll give you the fact that not every part was just going into a room and slaughtering a million of brain dead guards, but nothing is very diverse beyond that.

Basically, everything has been done before.

Madness Termination, by Jonbro, has done the egg thing before, as an example.

Guards falling down the cliff is something that has been done since the release of madness 7, such as parodies as of what happened between 6 and 7.

PimpinJ's Wraith, although not done, has pulled off the idea of a ninja, or invisibility and deception.

Zunder's animations were the best, in terms of animation, but it was the run of the mill slaughter.

Fireexit's, isn't diverse, nor sundown, just because you can add colors and to an extent, your own sprites, doesn't diverse anything but the art style, and only slightly. Both of their parts still had the run of the mill killing yet again.

Just because you can make the killing happen in a different way, doesn't make it diverse. Making it diverse would be completely rewiring how madness is made.

Good example, Littleluckylink's "of the madness" series. The fact that he can introduce a plot, and characters with emotions and sincerity between one another, and present this cinematically with less intent on the mindless violence, puts him at a higher level beyond most madness animators.

Redness series, by Alpha-Nuva, focuses HEAVILY on story and cinematics, it adds the idea of more serious voice acting, the characters and their backstories, and only uses killing solely as part of the idea of it being inspired by mob and mafia activity.

Lollyland, by DJTrickyM, is how you diverse something, how you tried in this collab. It's got it's own weird art style to it, with the fighting and killing focusing less on mass brutality, but on a series of "bosses" you could say, which are taken down through improvised means, with limited weaponry, and with the enemies actually FIGHTING BACK. Yes, fighting, as in actually doing harm to the protagonist, and actively engaging him, not firing a gun and missing completely, or just surrendering and getting killed easily. Lollyland shines in it's creativity contorted into the original core essence of madness animations.

In short, Madness may be called madness, but it sure as hell deserves so much more than how everyone animates it. You need to bring something completely new to the table, and take the necessary time to do it just right.

Try hard enough, and you can truly make something diverse, even within the limitations of madness.

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XXBlinx responds:

okay it wasn't completely diverse but in this collab nobody used the same old madness characters like tricky, jebus and hank. So this was different from all the other collabs

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Littleluckylink responds:

hit me up later tonight babe ;)

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One of the best 2009 animators

I never believed that 2009 would get such and amazing animator. Last time I saw this great of an animator was in 2007. CAN I PLZ MEET AND FUCK U!!!!!!!

Hank66 responds:

thx.......tonight? :]



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These two latest ones

Are pretty neato, but there's a bit too much use the the pre-set glitch things if I am right. If I'm wrong then good job. I prefer the other one myself, but this one is great too.


no good

Fuck yeah

Good to see you submitted this.

salad tossing should be a sport

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