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Returning Returning

Rated 0 / 5 stars

kickin' rad

Crazymonkey154 responds:


Madness Diverse Madness Diverse

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


No, they aren't diverse. Look, I'll give you the fact that not every part was just going into a room and slaughtering a million of brain dead guards, but nothing is very diverse beyond that.

Basically, everything has been done before.

Madness Termination, by Jonbro, has done the egg thing before, as an example.

Guards falling down the cliff is something that has been done since the release of madness 7, such as parodies as of what happened between 6 and 7.

PimpinJ's Wraith, although not done, has pulled off the idea of a ninja, or invisibility and deception.

Zunder's animations were the best, in terms of animation, but it was the run of the mill slaughter.

Fireexit's, isn't diverse, nor sundown, just because you can add colors and to an extent, your own sprites, doesn't diverse anything but the art style, and only slightly. Both of their parts still had the run of the mill killing yet again.

Just because you can make the killing happen in a different way, doesn't make it diverse. Making it diverse would be completely rewiring how madness is made.

Good example, Littleluckylink's "of the madness" series. The fact that he can introduce a plot, and characters with emotions and sincerity between one another, and present this cinematically with less intent on the mindless violence, puts him at a higher level beyond most madness animators.

Redness series, by Alpha-Nuva, focuses HEAVILY on story and cinematics, it adds the idea of more serious voice acting, the characters and their backstories, and only uses killing solely as part of the idea of it being inspired by mob and mafia activity.

Lollyland, by DJTrickyM, is how you diverse something, how you tried in this collab. It's got it's own weird art style to it, with the fighting and killing focusing less on mass brutality, but on a series of "bosses" you could say, which are taken down through improvised means, with limited weaponry, and with the enemies actually FIGHTING BACK. Yes, fighting, as in actually doing harm to the protagonist, and actively engaging him, not firing a gun and missing completely, or just surrendering and getting killed easily. Lollyland shines in it's creativity contorted into the original core essence of madness animations.

In short, Madness may be called madness, but it sure as hell deserves so much more than how everyone animates it. You need to bring something completely new to the table, and take the necessary time to do it just right.

Try hard enough, and you can truly make something diverse, even within the limitations of madness.

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XXBlinx responds:

okay it wasn't completely diverse but in this collab nobody used the same old madness characters like tricky, jebus and hank. So this was different from all the other collabs

Dawn of the Madness Dawn of the Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hi lll

I'm your biggest fan can i plz meet and FUCK you!!!!!

Littleluckylink responds:

hit me up later tonight babe ;)

A Totally Random Day A Totally Random Day

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

You are bulkheaded

Something that I must very much mention before I go into a real review is your sense and over confidence in yourself. Just because an animator says his animations are smooth and or good, does not mean they actually are. Not everyone's way of seeing things is the same as yours. You must understand this, as it's a very helpful trait to a successful animator.

Onto a real review of this, or a more understandable expansion to what bodvik has said:

First of all, your overall sense of movement. When characters walk, or basically do any action that involves moving, equal opposite actions must be exerted, or in simple terms, everything must move. When someone walks, you must remember that the head and body and feet all work together, but separately. You only seem to move the feet and the head and body as a whole, as well as hands. Basically, you only have the body parts working as two separate pieces.

When you shoot weapons, or turn, or even just hit an object, you must have all other parts of the person moving together, equally, all exerting objects equal of the original.

This leads into the sense of physics in your animations. Your characters have little next to no sense of physics whatsoever. Your sense of gravity and momentum and horrible off. When people fall, you make them fall with no feeling of gravity. They just tumble over, and when they hit the ground, they don't even move, they just stop. Any regular person would technically have some reaction to a fall to the floor, a slight bounce or something of the sort. Momentum, as you should know, is a must next to gravity. When someone throws down a weapon, it'll pick up speed as it falls, and in order to catch it, you'll have to be ready. You can't just grab a free falling object in one hand without either dropping it or having a reaction to doing so. When you grab a falling object, you must stop the force it still has on it that's moving it.

This also goes for the pool part. When your guy drops in, he quickly flips over and swims to the other side. No normal person would do that. If knocked into a pool, you'd first recover from it, basically he'd drop a bit into it, then get back into his senses, then swim over to the other side. The man jumping over the pool makes no sense either. It's impossible to jump that far, and the speed and height he reaches while jumping are too.

Another thing to note is the appearance of Jesus. He is basically frozen in mid air. He'd at least be hovering, a small ounce of movement. Just a small up and down motion would work fine.

Also, the walking that is presented is pretty bad, to say the least. Look at krinkels's animations and observe the foot movements, should give you an idea.

Next up would be art. It's basic. Basic room designs. You should give the rooms more versatile elements. Pipes, posters and such. The other art, such as the cracks, are not too good either. They are more like scribbles than cracks. They look more like someone markered the wall. Another thing is your paintball guns. The hits look more like blotches, when they should be more splatter-like. God example, any of krinkels's animations. The blood is splattered. Paint balls should do the same it, not blotch the enemy. You may also want to experiment with drawing more of your own original characters, instead of using the basic sprites and give them simple clothing and misc objects (lips, mouths, eyes, etc).

Next up, effects. Very little effects, the ones you do have are sub par. More effects for Jesus' appearance, and thing like such are needed. I don't want to go into much detail here, but a helpful thing is to learn of fbf, and a bit about masking and filters.

Lastly, sounds. Honestly, I think you could have done way better. Maybe finding some more original music would've helped.

Honestly, there is so much improvement that could be made to this, it's impossible to jam into such a small review as this. Take the above into consideration, as well as the opening about your attitude towards your reviewers, and you could well be on a better direction than you are now.

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Crazymonkey154 responds:

Well first off..... things are different now. I do add a bit of bounces after people fall nowadays. Additionally, it's kind of a long story about me and bodvik, and I don't think I'd be able to explain it. And I do know how to mask, and masking was used in this flash. And I have ALWAYS animated madness characters fbf. You sure did have lots to say, as did Littleluckylink. As for walking..... more free-ish movement style of parts is needed, you say? I think that can be done. I think I know what you mean by the whole "frozen in mid air" thing.

And what was so bad about the sounds? As for the music..... I guess I just felt like using that in this. In terms of what could be my own sprites..... it can be very difficult making original sprites that aren't crappy. Maybe I got a bit lazy when making the main character travel across the pool. And speaking of the pool, had you meant like, "after he falls in, he shouldn't move much at first, but then turn around and start moving at noticeable speed" for the falling person? I'm pretty sure you did.

Now I know I'm not the very greatest animator ever, but by no means am I the worst, either. Again, I have changed some parts of the way I animate nowadays. This flash was from a while ago.

To finish off, I guess I'll say that, also like Littleluckylink, you had lots of things to offer for consideration.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Deserving of a 10?

Any author of a flash should NEVER be like that. Yeah, it good to have some faith and belief that it's good, but saying that it deserves a higher score is just... a horrible idea. It makes you seem ignorant and a high thinker. Honestly, you should actually think of you flash in moderation of both good and bad.

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Little-Red-Bear responds:


Madness collab flash Madness collab flash

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

What the HELL is this shit

Look, you be completely honest, the only time i review madness flashes is either if they are really good, or just too fucking horrible to barely even have anything to say other than a string of irrelevant swear words.

You, on the other hand, make me want to chop my dick off with a parrot beak.

Fix everything. First off, stop animating on one layer for christ's sake. You make single objects move. You need to give to flow. Fluidity. Make it all move TOGETHER. Also, work on falling and moving. You make it even worse than watching slow motion. Seriously, it doesn't take 8 seconds to stab a person behind you, and nor does it to fall down.

Unless you were actually trying to rape physics, then you SERIOUSLY need to read some shit up. I'm not going to explain too much because half of the time it's just useless and no one ever listens or attempts to improve.

Next off is the fact that you animated the fucking thing at 12 fps. NO. 12 fps is a horrible frame rate for justs about anything. At least try 25 or so, not a frame rate that looks like mexican immigrants taking a shit.

If you want everything summed up into about 5 sentences:

You are horrible. Make things move quicker. Make things move better. Work on physics. Stop sucking.

Also, learn to optimize music so it doesn't end up making the file like 10 x bigger than it should be.

Bad Baby Bad Baby

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was just great. Nothing more, nothing less. You have great animation and drawing skills. The music was pretty damn great too.

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Gears Of Madness Act 1-1 Gears Of Madness Act 1-1

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Blah, that was pretty bad. Adressing everything here will take quite and while, and will be quite a read. Preparre yourself.

FIrst off, graphics. They look like they were made within atleast 30 seconds. Graphics are equally as important as animation. If you slack off on either of them, your movie will not be pleasant. There's also the fact that you should use the brush to make graphics in madness. You can if you want, but it's not a good idea.

The sound. The walking sound was very uneeded, and you don't need to have a noise for every single movement. Sure, that CAN make it realistic, but very annoying. The chainsaw was problem. Don't just hold the chainsaw there until the noise stops, it should shred through while the noise is playing.

The animation. Learn EVERYTHING.

First off, learn about equal opposite reactions. If something moves, the body MUST exert a force equal to that movement. A hand moves, the whole body moves. The head moves, body moves. Foot moves, you get the point.

Then after that, learn how to use fluidity. Make movements small and not huge gaps. This will help greatly in making it look good.

Now learn about physics, momentum, etc. Good physics in a movie will hlep the overall appearance, and will make it look more natural. Bad physics can make it look wrong and unnatural.

Basically, that's pretty much everything you'll need to teach yourself in order to maek a good, worth while animation. THis can take time, though. Don't expect to master this stuff within a few months. A year prior of experience before animating a tribute will and shall do you good on your road ahead.

Good luck, and I hope you can learn some of this, and maybe make your next installment better.


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Cooliam responds:


Merry Madness 7 TRAILER Merry Madness 7 TRAILER

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Ahh yes. Splurgle, he is harsh. He's trying to tell you what to improve on, if you read PAST the insults and flames and that shit.

Here, I'll try to filter out his review and get you the real stuff you need.

You do one part movements. For example, the hand moves to shoot or something while the body stays in place. You need to have everything constantly moving to achieve a realistic atmosphere and such.

Next off, you're character are poorly done. The shapes are very basic, and the line size is too small. This is exactly why beginners should never try to do their own people, you should use regular sprites until you can get good at animating and drawing.

You also don't seem to have any storyline, or atleast one that wasn't described in this preview. Previews should leak info about the movie.

The rest is pretty much unoriginal. Madness + Santa, they have already been used a great deal.

Yeah I know you already tried to explain all of this shit to him Splurgle, but he isn't a novel reader, and he doesn't take insults and harshness well at all. I tried my best to sum this up in a small, less offensive review. Ok.

But yeah, practice animating, drawing, and try to work more on plots. Add plot twists, ad suspense, add something that'd actually like... get people to watch.


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Madness Enforcer 2 Madness Enforcer 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Stop trying to do madness please, you aren't very good at all. Yeah, coming off a bit harsh to you probably, but bah, I'm like that.

First off, this was stiff. None of the movements were fluid.

Second, you have NO sense of physics. When people throw things, they don't move like that, do they?

Third, when people got hit with things, everything lacked power. When that guy got smacked with the pipe, it looked like a light tap to the head.

Fourth, it was choppy. You need movements to be more fluent and stuff.

FINALLY, 3 months is NO WHERE near enough to complete a full-length tribute. You need to take atleast 6-7 months at best.

All in all, this isn't good you must practice a lot.


PS: cheshyre is getting a bit old, no offense to him or anything, but he's getting used too much now.


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hiddencamy responds: